Tuesday, February 20, 2018

C is for ...

"C is for ....." 
image wraps on 3-1/2 inch sides
Either Front or Back can be displayed
Email if interested

Next in the "letter" series is the letter "C" - a bright yellow C adorned with Cauliflower, Currants, Chestnuts, Cucumbers, Carrots, Cherries, Coconuts, Corn & Cayenne! The 2 images show both the Front and Back of the letter. 

These letters are 12 inches tall, approx 8 inches wide & have a depth of 3-1/2 inches. They are canvas wrapped to styrofoam - making them very lightweight. They have a loop at the top so they can be hung, but are stable enough to sit on any shelf or flat surface. 

The next in the series will be the letter "D" - and that is the first letter where I will stray from the Fruits & Vegetables theme (there just isn't enough D items!). But I do have an idea that I am working with in an initial sketch stage - hope it works out because I think it will be a terrific piece when done!

Also working on some more MMP (Mini Master Pieces) as well as a few Inspirational pieces. Love being busy!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

MMP Series #4 - Mona's Hands

6x6 acrylic on stretched canvas
image wraps on 1-1/2 inch sides

I am reposting my original post about Mona's Hands. Having just re-read this and it still holds true today. I always liked this piece and may do another painting similar.

For MMP #4, the artist, this time, is Leonardo Da Vinci. The subject - the Mona Lisa. I dared not attempt to do the Mona Lisa in full! But her hands, that I thought I would challenge myself with.

Firstly, I have to say, Leonardo was the king of "lost edges." I have painted with them before, but never like this! Soft edges everywhere, nothing hard except for a few distinct lines between the hands & in the clothing. This took a bit of getting use to - I am use to definitive, hard edges.

Secondly, his color palette! I know that he mixed his own colors (and probably quite toxic in his day), but the dark, rich earth colors were a bit of a challenge to create. 

While working on this, I did a bit of research into the Mona Lisa painting and found some historians who wrote that the original colors for this painting were quite vibrant. Here are a few links if you're interested in reaching further:

Sunday, February 11, 2018

MMP Series #3 - Picasso's Jacqueline

6x6 acrylic on stretched canvas
image wraps on 1-1/2 inch sides
Email if you are interested in this piece

We now visit Pablo Picasso. This mini-master piece is from his painting: Jacqueline with Flowers - as seen below.

Of all his work, this one struck me the most. Might be because of the blue background, but there is just something about the head, face & neck. Oh, that neck! On my MMP, it continues on the bottom!

A bit about Picasso & Jacqueline -- she was his second wife. They met when she was 27 & he was 72. They married years after that meeting & she became his most often painted female. Picasso died in 1973 (I remember the day). Jacqueline, sadly, killed herself in 1986.

Friday, February 9, 2018

B is for ....

"B is for ....." 
image wraps on 3-1/2 inch sides
Email if interested

This is the second in the "letter" series - of course, the letter B! And "B" is for: Broccoli, Bananas, Blueberries, Blackberries, Beets ... and a few Butterflies as well. The back is done as well, although the letter does appear backwards. I may rethink how I handle the backs on some of these letters for any future ones. 

This particular piece went through 3 different color backgrounds! I started with a very light yellow - then as I started to add the elements, I noticed that they just didn't show very well. So I decided to repaint the background - not an easy task when you already have some of the elements in place! I tried a darker yellow, almost orange - but, did not like it! Third try was this version which has the blue-violet background, which I'm much happier with. 

I do plan to do additional letters - maybe not in order, and maybe I will mix up the items on them (there aren't enough fruit's & vegetables for all the letters). They are fun to do & I do enjoy seeing them "come to life." 


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